Master Wine Aroma Kit - 88 different aromas

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The Master Wine Aromas Tasting Kit is the world’s most complete wine aroma collection, which combines 88 most common aromas found in sparkling, white, red and sweet wines produced around the world.


The Kit is a wine tasting educational tool and a friendly game, genuinely designed by sommeliers as a library of wine scents.


By using this wine aroma collection, you will gradually develop your wine tasting skills allowing you to identify grape varieties, winemaking techniques, the maturation of the wine, as well as winemaking faults.


The quality and the precision of our aromas have been recognized by world experts and wine lovers




88 wine aromas (see list below)

A manual on how to use these aromas, wine faults and grape varieties VS wine appellations

The Wine Aroma Wheel booklet (20 grape varieties)

A Wine Aroma Game – Board Game

4 metal tokens designed by artist Yves Lemay



En studie i de ulike aroma man finner i alt fra vin til cigarer. 



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